Hair Extensions 


Choosing the right method of extensions can be very confusing.

Here at L.A's Hair we provide a

FREE consultation to discuss the best method for you.

All the hair used is 100% Remy human hair.


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The most common questions I get asked is:-       "Will they damage my hair?"

                                                                           "How much Maintenance is involved"

                                                                           "How long do they last?"

                                                                           "What Shampoo and Conditioner can I use?"

         I have worked with many different methods of applying hair extensions, I can truly say the best method that I can recommend is the tape and/or micro/nano beads. They are the kindest to your hair as they do not matte with your own hair and does not leave balding patches.

Although honestly all hair extensions can be damaging but only if they are put in incorrectly and are poorly cared for.

         The maintenance is not that difficult you need to be aware you have them in and have to be more delicate when washing, brushing, drying and styling.

(I will provide a Aftercare form for you to keep once I have completed the service.)

         Extensions grow out as your own hair grows (just like a colour). If the hair extensions are in good condition I can Re apply them again.



        All hair extensions can go dry after a period of time due to the oils in the hair slowly disappearing, We generate oils from our scalp which is what condition's our own hair, a lot of colouring and styling using heat is what normally makes our ends feel dry.

Using a well moisturising Shampoo and conditioner will help enormously keep the ends smooth and silky. If you still finding the hair dry you can also use a hair serum, which is oil based.

Micro Ring Extensions

       Micro rings are applied with a strand of extension with a similar sized piece of your own hair around 1 cm away from the scalp, they are clamped together securely.

      They last 4-6 months, depending on the condition of the extensions they can be re used again once only.

These are used for the double hair application and can also be used in the same method as the nano rings, they are slightly bigger but are softer and kinder to the hair.

Nano Rings Extensions

       Nano rings are applied exactly the same as the micro beads, the only difference is they are smaller and less noticeable.

      These last 3-4 months hair cannot be re used with the next application, New hair has to be purchased.

Tape Extensions

     These are thin wefts, 1 inch wide, pre-taped hair that gets taped in between your own hair in a sandwich like bond, They last 6-8 weeks and can be re applied up to 3 times before needing to be replaced. 

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